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Remember when you were about 7 years old, and you'd spend an hour

just lying upside-down in your bed, thinking that the ceiling was the floor, 

and floor was the ceiling? ...and if you stepped over the thresh-hold beam,

you could go thru the window as if it were a mini-door?


Possibly in the summertime, you and your best friend would ride bikes, throw frisbees, and listen to the radio. While lying on an old blanket, you'd share stories of the unusual white fluffy cloud creatures that were crowding

and overrunning the blue sky above you, while nibbling on a single grass blade. The entire afternoon seemed to fly by, in what seemed like barely an hour, tops?


You might have also even dreamt that you were either the beautiful damsel,

or maybe even the handsome young pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow, that rescued

the damsel in distress, together, both of you were in search of the Black Pearl

in the midst of the sweltering summer heat?


Believably, you might have been creative like me, and just dreamt of being a really famous artist, (like Norman Rockwell or Michaelangelo), and you walked around with pencils and paint brushes in your teeth with an over-sized floppy French beret on your head, while you journeyed to Paris, France to see the magnificent Louvre?


Some-of-us never outgrew our youthful imagination.

Please feel free to peruse and travel this website along my journey of imagination. through CONCEPT, ILLUSTRATION, and DESIGN.


“A Child's Imagination 

is the Art of  Seeing the Invisible. 

                        Lori Duryea


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