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Recognized a need for UN-COMPROMISED PARENTING:

"Innumerable problems are compromising parenting today;

Inadequate support especially for inexperienced young parents, 

teen parents, and single parents. Mothers, who tend to be the primary

Caregivers, are at high risk for exposure to illnesses like HIV/ AIDS, have higher illiteracy levels and lower incomes. Consequently, children are at

risk of malnutrition, illnesses, domestic violence and higher school

dropout rates. This reinforces a vicious cycle of poverty and vulnerability.


Women who traditionally stayed at home to full time parent are now working,

yet they are still bearing children who need parental support. The solution

has been to leave them with relatives, nannies or even strangers. However

this has proved inadequate as stories of child abuse, neglect, abandonment

and runaway children abound in the media."


Hense they offered an 8 week course titled: Purpose Driven Parenting


A Further Explanation of the "Purpose Driven Parenting" brochure,

was that, it would be that it was user-friendly, with a wealth of information.


The Advertising promoting the full color brochure piece, kicked off in the fall season, with recognition of the variations of seasons, families, ages of children, and topics that this program would circumference and address within an eight-week long seminar.

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