Pencil, Colored Pencil, Watercolors, Charcoal, Photograpy, textures.

Metal Etching, Staples, Metal Gears, Earings, and P'tina'd Copper.

ABOVE: Watercolor Pencils

Playful movements and familiarity

with bright pencil colors in a

Color-Theory experiment.


LEFT: Mixed-Media 

Colored pencil, chalk, fabric, plants, stones, metal gears, plaster-paris

and watercolor.



A three year collection of different

Art Lesson Plans, all pieces

assembled together for pleasent

memory reasons.

RIGHT: Metal Etch Mixed-Media

Initial composition of pencil, charcoal and multiple surgery photos, scanned, shaded, textured and connected within Photoshop. Specific surface locations of staples and solitairy diamond stone texture added to portrait.



Brought to the face of an un-expected brain surgery,

a "threshold" never meant to be crossed, held within a turblence of God's strength of silence.  Surrounded with an absolute stilness, yet, without an autable sound to be found, 

in the most intimate way possible.


VanGogh Elementary School Lesson Plan,

planned, created, directed and donated to

a local Botanical Garden in Colorado.

LEFT: Mixed-Media 

Carbon pencil, fabric, copper-heated, rolled, twisted and Patina'd to give a blackened rod-iron appearance.



An unwavering, fearful, timid heart reveiled a candid look

at the reality of one's mortality, and inability to grasp a complete recovery.

BELOW: Mixed-Media 

Colored Pencil, Watercolored Pencil.



A final conclusion of Color-Theory study for MA Capstone, and personal surgical  healing.