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CCAI’s very first Chipping for Children Charity Golf Tournament,

requested a logo for printing on brochures, buildings, flyers, newsprint

and banners. This single event raised more than $23,000. 

One-Hundred percent of all proceeds and donations went

directly to Chinese Children Charity Funds, 

benefiting children in Chinese orphanages.

Joyous Chinese Cultural Center

exists to provide cultural and emotional support to adopted Chinese children and to offer Chinese cultural and language education to children and adults of all backgrounds in our communities and across the country.

The Explanation: The Joyous Chinese Cultural Center, united the forces of thier homeland country colors, the center provided the time needed to allow several striking gesture drawings to influence on a perfectly captured flowing movement of their world renown Chinese Ribbon Dance talents. 

The Advertising: The logo was printed 

on brochures, building signs, 

and mailers, to endorse a colorful

logo with perfect flowing rythum

and movement.


The powerful earthquake that not only killed over 200,000 Haitians

but also resulted in tens of thousands of new orphans, in addition to

the 380,000 orphans that Haiti already had before the quake (UNICEF).

The Explanation: Chinese Children Adoptions International requested

a very graceful logo, that expressed the care and nurture that was immediately needed for the surviving children of Haiti.

This new logo was printed and used throughout Colorado,

and many other states, that CCAI was connected to.

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