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The intention of the Expo was to help make a difference for couples

who were considering their next step in a journey towards adoption. 

This may include those simply “struck” with an initial curiosity,

to those overwhelmed with the many questions that arise,

to those who are well on their way in the journey. The end of which

will eventually benefit those precious children (both here and abroad)

who are in desperate need of a family.

The Explanation of the logo...

Like the many different varieties of gemstones found in nature,

the name "Precious Stones" primarily reflects the wide variety of rare and

beautiful children in the world without a safe place to call home. Each of these children considered a gem that should be treasured... some rougher cut than others.

The custom whereby people would pile rocks to form a cairn as

a monument to and reminder of significant events and/or decisions.

Secondarily, there was a hope that the


would serve to remind participants of the

significance of their decision to adopt in 

the midst of the myriad of choices and 

struggles following their pursuit of that goal.


Hence, “Precious Stones” Adoption Expo


The Advertising promoting the Ministry...

involved posters, press-releases, radio spots,

individual brouchures and numerous flyers.

The Expo involved over 30 adoption agencies,

and was hosted and sponcered by several

different church ministries, for a period of

over ten years.

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