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Church high school logo title of "180" required to visually imply a complete “about-face”, or all-embracing transformation. 180 is a passionate High School Ministry  of Southern Gables Church. This Youth group is about connecting students with Jesus Christ and desires to see long-term transformations in students through discipleship that begins in middle school or earlier, and continues on well past college. The church encourages spiritual growth through Bible studies, small groups, service projects, mission trips, and camps.


A Further Explanation of the 180 logo...

The high school logo title of "180" was recommended to visually imply a complete “about-face”, or all-embracing transformation. 


A Further Explanation of the Common Quest logo...

The College logo title of "A Common Quest" recommended to visually imply that although College students all have different life-directions while in school, they have one common quest of faith. 


The Advertising promoting the logos, are used throughout the website, brochures and all printed pieces within the buildings and individual Club areas.

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